Director of Tennis

Trevor Rothfels

In keeping with family tradition, Trevor has a love and passion for tennis. He became a nationally ranked junior and played 4 years at the collegiate level, after which he began his professional career where he achieved an ATP and World ranking. Unfortunately, a knee injury on the court quickly ended his professional career. Trevor began teaching in the private sector and was soon awarded a coaching job at Brigham Young University where he coached for 18 years. With a growing family and the demands of travel at the University level, Trevor decided to return to the private sector and began teaching at Tumwater Valley Athletic Club and remained there for 20 years. He has trained athletes in the collegiate and pro tour circuit and built a renowned tennis academy where he recruited some of the top JPTA players of Japan. Since Moving to Florida in 2012 Trevor still believes that not only is tennis a life time sport but tennis can also be a life changer, using tennis to emphasize insight and experiences that become personal and physical building blocks to enhance everyone’s life.