2016 Pool Renovations

Dear Magnolia Point Community and Entire Membership,

After months of thorough investigation, evaluation and research, we regret to announce that the pool will not be open for use this summer.

You may recall in February 2015 we reported that the pool would be undergoing resurfacing and a general upgrades to meet Clay County Health Department’s code requirements. At that time this work was estimated at $150,000.00 and would require six weeks’ closure. However, once we “looked under the hood,” this project mushroomed in both scope and expense.  According to the Florida Department of Health, the pool’s most serious infractions include:

  • filtration and pump systems, flow and volume rates – all inadequate to support the 975 homes in our community
  • deficient fencing and lighting, extensive deck and pool cracks, tile and sub-surface fissures – all affecting public safety

The pool’s initial design for 750 homes and years of inadequate attention to routine chemical, filter, pump, and plumbing maintenance demand complete replacement of the filtration system, new pumps and plumbing, tile, pool coping, fencing, and deck.  Would it be cheaper to build another pool?  The answer is no, because the cost to repair is far cheaper than to start anew.
Since February we have been in contact with five pool companies specializing in repair/ rebuilding of commercial pools. At present we are in the process of getting a complete list of all work, actual engineering demands, and good comparison bids for the project.

As we are determined to bring Magnolia Point Golf and Country Club to a standard the whole community can be proud of, we are planning a completely new pool facility that will include a children’s splash park, water-spills, pergolas, umbrellas, new fencing, a 30% larger deck with pavers, and all new landscaping and lighting. The price tag for this project is in the realm of $450,000.00, and the cost is solely our responsibility.  Neither the developer, Dream Finders, nor the MPCA has any financial responsibility to assist.  No assessment of community members will occur.

As owners, we undertake this investment knowing that the long-term benefits of these upgrades will prove both cost-effective and enhance our club. Upon completion, the new pool area will provide a safer, hygienic, and family-friendly addition available year-round to our community. A preliminary sketch of the new facility is attached for your interest.

We understand your frustration with the closure of the pool, but are also hopeful that, by this time next year, we will all be enjoying our new one. We appreciate your understanding and patience and we will keep you apprised of progress, as this project unfolds.

Thank you for your support,
Deneen and Trevor Rothfels