Golf Course Information



This year has been a challenging year due to the weather.  We endured one of the worst droughts to this area in quite some time.  Our total rainfall from January 1-May 21 was 7.9’’ (with 3.5’’ falling April 3-5).  On May 22 we recorded 2.5’’ of rain which was the beginning of an abnormally wet pattern over the next few months.  Since May 22 we have recorded 35.8’’ of rain.  This has put our yearly total well over 40’’ with September (our historically wettest month) around the corner. These weather patterns have made it extremely difficult to maintain normal golfing conditions.

All of the products we use on the golf course, from herbicides, insecticides, and fertilizers, are affected by the weather.  When we are able to control the amount of water, our products are more effective.  Heavy rains after applications have a tendency to wash out/dilute the products causing minimal effectiveness.  None of us are meteorologists we make our best guess at the weather and cross our fingers because most of the time we can’t trust the forecast either.

Please keep in mind, when we kill weeds from areas on the course bare areas are left in place of those weeds.  Also, when we spray weeds it has adverse effects on the grass we are trying to maintain and makes it difficult to spray consecutive applications in short intervals. We have also seen increased mole cricket activity around the course and especially in the roughs.  Our Chipco Choice application in the spring has helped eliminate pressure from most of our tees, collars, approaches, and fairways.  The roughs were not treated in the spring due to the high cost of the application.  This has allowed for concentrated areas of mole cricket activity around the golf course.  We recognize the problem and currently treating the areas in order to help suppress the problem.


Magnolia Point Management Team