To the Members of the MPGCC Community,

There has been considerable talk and many inquiries regarding the status Red Nine on the golf course.  After much deliberation and consultation with professionals, we have concluded that the Red Nine is not viable in today’s golfing market and that we must seek reasonable alternative uses for the subject property to maintain the business and financial health of MPGCC.

It is important to note that the Red Nine property, measuring over 100 acres in area, was closed in a short period of time after it was established because it was not profitable. It is an unproductive property that stalls the future improvement and upgrade of the operating golf club.  Consequently, we must always be looking for ways to improve the business and financial position of the Club.  At present, we are spending over $40,000 per year in mowing fees, insurance, and taxes to maintain a property that generates no profits.  This is an untenable business position.

The Red Nine property has generated great interest among residential as well as commercial developers over the past several years.  We have received numerous unsolicited offers to purchase this property for development for a variety of options. All of these offers have been rejected outright because the developer’s proposals to construct crowded houses, undersized lots or other options would incur significant impacts on the fabric of the community.

A builder recently expressed interest in building houses on certain portions of the Red Nine, and there are exploratory discussions underway.  The builder has developed a preliminary plan with views of house locations and associated lot/house sizes to determine the economic viability of the proposal.  The City informed the builder that the Magnolia Point PUD and zoning must be changed. These changes require Council action as well as HOA and Community involvement. We are not under any contractual obligation with any and all options but have been in communication with the HOA board. With no tangible or concrete proposal, all speculations and conversations are premature. We are well aware of the community’s impact and are absolute in our resolve to find a solution with complete transparency to any development.

We are dedicated to preserving the financial health and viability of the community while ensuring that new development incurs no adverse effects.  We look forward to sharing more detailed information as it moves from an indeterminate position and enlisting your participation as we move forward.

Thank you,

Deneen and Trevor Rothfels

Owners of Magnolia Point Golf and Country Club