For a golfer, few things compare to the satisfaction of a nice new set of golf clubs. Although there’s a strong appreciation for the clubs themselves, not many people are versed in the history of how they came about…until now. This timeline, brought to you by Magnolia Point Golf Club, will serve to show the evolution of golf clubs and how they came to mold the game we love to play today.

Golf is Created – September 30th, 1400

Originating from Scotland, clubs were made by the players themselves with no standard design or shape.

 The Evolution of Golf Clubs Begins with the First Clubs Taking Form – September 30th, 1500

The first golf clubs begin to take shape as the game gains popularity.

Irons are Introduced – January 30th, 1800

Heavy and crude, the initial irons were introduced to the game, but had to be made by blacksmiths which limited their effectiveness.

Iron-Headed Clubs are Adopted – October 30th, 1875

Capitalizing on the first set of iron clubs, these iron-headed golf clubs were more effective and easier to produce as drop forging was adopted in the late 1800s.

 The Early Sand Wedge is Introduced – September 30th, 1900

This golf club was invented by Gene Sarazon and was created to assist golfers with hitting balls out of sand traps.

Steel Shafts are Developed – September 30th, 1929

The Prince of Wales was the driving force behind the legalization of steel shaft golf clubs. This design increases accuracy, but requires a different swing technique than that of the wooden club.

 Graphite Shafts are Introduced – September 30th, 1970

Golf clubs with graphite shafts were easier to manufacture and much more lightweight and affordable for golfers.

 The Golf Clubs of Today are Made – September 30th, 2005

2005 marks the year that refined the golf club that is commonly used today. This includes modifications to driver heads to increase their size, the development of “metal woods” and titanium based club heads.