Golf is a relatively relaxing, low-impact sport; however, it is not without its own injury risks. Some of the most common include injuries to the lower back, elbow, wrist and shoulder regions. The risk of injury while golfing is increased during the summer, as the heat isn’t so kind to the muscles and joints. These injuries may be prevented by paying closer attention to golfing form, equipment selection, and taking preventative measures to avoid injury from strenuous activity.


Warm-up to loosen muscles and improve overall flexibility. It’s recommended to walk briskly for a few minutes and perform stretches that target the neck, shoulders, lower back and legs. Playing golf in the summer can take its toll on an individual who begins their first hole without loosening up.


In order for the muscles to endure the heat commonly associated with summer months, they must be hydrated. Be sure to drink plenty of water prior to taking the green and during your game. When playing golf in the summer, it’s common for golfers to suffer from heatstroke, exhaustion and dehydration which makes water consumption that much more important.

Golfing Form

A proper golf swing should see your hips and shoulders rotate simultaneously. Golfers make increase the risk of injury by hyperextending their spine during the swing. Experienced golfers who regularly tee off at Florida golf course will already be aware of the importance of using the correct form to prevent injuries.

Use Caution When Carrying Clubs

Golfers who carry their own bags tend to injure their shoulders and backs more than other golfers. Those bags of clubs can be heavy. Use proper lifting techniques if you’re not using a caddie. Lift from your legs and avoid bending your back.

 Use Sunblock

Although not technically an “injury,” sunburns regularly occur for summer golfers. When taking the wide-open range, exposed to the elements, be sure to protect your skin from the sun with sunblock. Wear sunglasses with UV protection and a visor to protect your face as well.

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