ATTENDING: Tom Sprott, Susan Mitchell, Gene Callahan, Joyce Winter, and Trevor and Deneen Rothfels

POOL: The pool has been incredibly busy. It has recently passed its second 2017 inspection. The heaters have been installed and are waiting electrical permit clearance. A reminder to all pool attendees: no outside food or drink can be brought inside the pool enclosure.

GREENS UPDATE:  The Club has ordered $10,000 worth of chemicals for mole crickets, the staple of armadillos. Armadillos have created havoc on some of the fairways and tee boxes.  Consequently, the installation of new greens is on hold as an aggressive effort is made to reduce the armadillo numbers. The new sod is expected to be available by June/July 2017.

VANDALISM: Vandalism continues to be a significant problem on the golf course. Several golf-trail stop signs have been removed. Trevor has reordered the replacements. Cart “Do-Nuts” were performed on hole #16. Please report any vandalism to 911.

CART REGISTRATION: All but approximately 15-20 golf carts have been registered.  Registration serves to confirm that owners have insurance to protect the HOA in their capacity as the owner of the roads. It also promotes safe driving usage since cart ownership can be established.

CLUB TIPPING: Only special events result in an automatic tip being added to the restaurant bill. Otherwise, tipping is left to the discretion of the customer. This is not money that is shared with the house, but dollars that go directly to your server. The PUB does not automatically charge a tip on your account; this is up to you the customer.

RECONCILIATION:  Considerable discussion was held regarding the difference between the amount the club was expected to receive from Usage Fees and the amount the HOA provided.  This was supposed to be reconciled in January 2017 for the 2016 calendar year.  Numerous parties have been involved to no avail.  Your committee will stay involved until this is resolved because as we found out it will impact the greens renovation project this summer.  This cannot become another drawn out pool project.