In current times, male golfers typically wear collared “golf shirts” and roomy golf pants or shorts, with a hat or visor. Women usually wear a V-neck or collared top with matching shorts, skirt or skort. However, this is not always what golf attire consisted of. Magnolia Point, a golf and country club in Jacksonville, Florida, shares a bit of history in regards to where golf attire came from.

Early golfers dressed properly in consideration of the weather in Scotland, which was the birthplace of golf. To guard against the wind and water blowing off the lakes at the courses, men’s golf attire consisted of pants (also known as knickers) that ended below the knee, heavy tweed jackets, shirts with starched collars, and neckties.

In the 1930s, golfers switched from knickers to flannel pants, usually in white or gray. The golf and country club in Jacksonville reports that around this time, neckties also become less popular out on the course.

Modern-day golf attire started to make its appearance nearing the mid-1900s. Men began to wear short-sleeved knit shirts and lightweight pants. The wool and tweed has been replaced with high-tech blends for optimal golf performance. Most golf courses, like Magnolia Point Golf and Country Club, require men to wear collared shirts tucked into knee length shorts or long slacks, as well as the proper golf shoes.

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