New Golf Cart Stickers


Magnolia Point Golf and Country Club and the Community Home Owners Association will be issuing new golf cart registration stickers to all golf carts. Every community golf cart owner will need to register their golf cart for use either on the golf course or for use driving in the community. There is no charge to register your golf cart.

 If you are planning to use your golf cart for play on the golf course, you will get the new cart sticker by registering the cart with the Country Club. Registration forms are located in the golf pro shop in the clubhouse. The new cart stickers will replace any existing stickers from previous years. The Country Club will start accepting new cart applications on Monday, February 13, 2017. Registration deadline for all carts used on the golf course is March 15, 2017.

 If you are planning to use your golf cart in any other areas in the community, not on the golf course, your cart will still need to be registered with the Home Owners Association. You can register your community cart and receive your sticker by contacting Tom Sprott at tsprott@comcast.net