Though it does not get nearly as cold in sunny Florida as it does in the northern states, it can still get quite chilly. The cold weather can be uncomfortable, but it also affects how you play, which is why you should try your best to stay warm on the golf course. That won’t stop avid golfers from playing at Magnolia Point Golf Club, so we have decided to share a few tips to stay warm while you golf. That way there are no excuses if your game is not up to par (pun intended)!

Dress for the weather at-hand and the weather you expect. Early morning golfers should bundle up to battle the chilly winds, but a smart player knows that in Florida, things can heat up quickly by early afternoon.

Invest in some thick socks and a warm hat, but keep a short sleeved shirt under your nylon jacket, that way you can stay warm while you golf, and all you need to do is take off the hat and jacket when the golf course warms up or you get so amped up playing that you no longer need it!

Be sure to invest in a nylon jacket that won’t affect your swing while it keeps you warm.

Any golfer who has played our golf course will tell you that Magnolia Point Golf Club is beautiful, so take in the scenery and stay warm while you golf by walking to your ball more often. You will also keep your muscles warm, which will prevent injuries without affecting your swing. Ditch the caddy boy and fetch your own ball when the temperatures are lower.

If the cold weather is too much for you, book later golf course tee times and you can rest assured that the Florida sun will keep you warm during your afternoon game.