Magnolia Point Club Updates



Break Point Pub:

As Magnolia Point Golf and Country Club moves closer to a completion date for the Pub, we will be announcing opening dates and other important information. We look forward to the community enjoying this newly upgraded amenity that enhances the club in many ways.


Swimming Pool:

The swimming pool is being filled with water today. The pool contractors are busy finishing up a few final projects. Once the pool is complete, it will need to pass inspection. We will be sharing opening dates as well as other important information in the near future.


Golf Course:

There was an irrigation malfunction on #17 green that caused some turf erosion and damage to an aging bulkhead structure. We are currently meeting with contractors to find a solution to the area. For safety reason we ask that you please avoid the area.


Red Nine:

The closed nine holes, also referred to as Red Nine, is an area of the property that can be used for walking, fishing and other such activities that are not allowed on the golf course. Because this is a nature area, we do not maintain cart paths and many other areas. Keeping this in natural condition makes it possible to make better use of club resources and funds. The club pays the HOA to keep the area mowed regularly. It is important to know that any activity on this area of the property is done so at the own risk of those individuals. We hope you enjoy the natural setting these areas provide.



Tennis has been particularly busy and we would like to welcome all of our new tennis members and thank them for their participation in our many leagues.  The USTA, First Coast, Interclub and the Working Women’s leagues are very popular. The tennis captains and co-captains have been doing a fantastic job organizing the league activities. A big thank you to everyone that makes our tennis program such a huge success. As a reminder, we kindly ask everyone to book their court times in advance to better ensure availability.


Club Repair Expenses:

We are often asked, what are some of the expenses associated with club repairs? The club is continuously repairing and upgrading many things throughout the property. Here is a brief list of recent repair expenses: Golf course irrigation electronics from lightning strikes, hole #17 irrigation and bulkhead repairs, clubhouse roof leaks, clubhouse Ice machines, several refrigeration repairs, several clubhouse air conditioning units, kitchen equipment and multiple plumbing repairs. We appreciate your patience and understanding when work is being done in these areas.