Club Activity Questions & Answers


Question: How is the pub construction going?

Answer: We are making every effort to complete the pub project in the quickest timeline possible. The demolition phase of the project was completed a few weeks ago. Significant progress been made in many areas. As we get closer to completion, we will have a better idea on an opening date. We appreciate your support and patience.


Question: What impact will the Loggerhead swim club have on daily pool activities?

Answer: The Loggerhead swim program will be using the pool for mostly training and practicing purposes, no swim meets will be held on the property. The swim program will only be using a portion of the pool and it will always be open to members and residents during any organized activities. The loggerhead swim program will also be providing many aquatics programs to enhance the use of the pool and promote community participation.


Question: Why are the pool construction vehicles driving on the grass near the pool?

Answer: The grass area between the tennis shop and the pool is the main access point for the pool construction site. The grass in that area is being replaced once the pool is completed.


Question: How is the pool project progressing?

Answer: According to the contractors, the pool is on schedule. This week, more plumbing and tile work was completed, pavers for the pool deck started to arrive and cement work was done to the deck area. As we move closer to completion, we will provide information about opening dates.


Question: What is the work being done to the sides of the clubhouse building?

Answer: In addition to the pub renovation, we are also replacing and repainting some of the exterior areas on the sides and back of the clubhouse. The work is part of the overall pub project and will provide an updated look to the clubhouse.


Question: Are people allowed to walk around on the golf course? Can anyone drive a golf cart around the golf course if they are not playing golf?

Answer: This question is asked frequently. The golf course is club property and the only time anyone is allowed on the golf course is when they have registered in the pro shop to play golf. As stated in the Member Handbook, All non-golf activities on the golf course and cart paths are prohibited, including, but not limited to, jogging, bicycling, skating, walking dogs, and non-golf related travel in golf carts. No fishing is permitted from the active golf course or adjacent areas.