The golf instructors here at Magnolia Point Golf Club know that anyone who enjoys golfing is always on the lookout for tips and tricks to shave some points off their handicap. There is plenty of information out there designed to help you improve your golf game, but what if we told you that there are some secret golf moves that the pros know and aren’t telling you?

Check out these secret golf moves that the pros have mastered both on the field, and in their secrecy.

Secret Golf Move #1:

Maintaining wrist hinge until the release.

How To Get It:

Take your normal grip on the club, then move your thumb from the shaft and move it on top of your right wrist. Take a couple of half swings in this position and pay attention to how the thumb keeps the right-wrist angle in place and the club head behind your hands at the point of impact. This will allow you to maximize power and distance.


Secret Golf Move #2:

Rotating your head.

How To Get It:

Imagine that you are gently shaking your head ‘no’ as you swing. If this does not work, you can try another drill where you put a straw in your mouth and take a couple of swings. Concentrate on keeping the straw in the center of your line of vision as you swing back and follow through. This move will automatically give your head the rotation needed.


Secret Golf Move #3:

Keep your trailing knee flexed.

How To Get It:

Take a chair and prop the back of it under your backside while you take a swing. Try not to lose contact with the chair as you swing. If you can accomplish this, then your right knee will stay flexed and you will be able to deliver full power to the ball.


For more golfing tips and tricks, be sure to check out Magnolia Point Golf Club’s Golf Academy.