When you teach your child to golf, not only will they learn patience and good manners, but they also learn about concentration and discipline while improving their golf game. Golf is a game that you can play from the time that you are able to hold the club, until the day your arms can no longer swing through. Magnolia Point Golf and Country Club shares the following benefits of golf lessons for kids.

Life Long Sport.

When you decide to get golf lessons for your kids, you are introducing them to a sport they will be able to play for the rest of their lives. Golf is great way to keep your children active and allows them to learn a sport that they can grow to love and cherish well into their elder years.


Perhaps one of the least known benefits of golf lessons for kids is that golf helps instill honesty. The game of golf relies heavily on an honor system since you are solely responsible for keeping track of your strokes. Since golfing buddies rarely follow each other down into a sand trap, they rely on your word and morals that you will not re-adjust your ball. Introducing your child to this practice of honesty at an early age is sure to benefit them their entire lives.


Like many sports, golf lessons for kids will improve their discipline and patience. At first they may swing and miss the ball more often than they make contact, but with practice and patience, they can work towards perfecting their swing, learning skills along the way that will help them deal with patience and instill discipline.

Improve Physical Health.

Golf is a great way for children to stay healthy. Walking eighteen-hole courses and carrying a golf bag can burn hundreds of calories and will keep your child’s heart rate up. A recent study shows that golfing generally adds five years to a person’s life expectancy, so golf lessons for kids could allow your children to live longer, healthier lives – a payoff that tops our list!