Club Activity Questions & Answers

With so much club activity happening, we thought it would be a good idea to answer some of the most frequently asked questions.


Question: When will the pool project be completed?

Answer: We are making every effort to complete the pool project in the quickest timeline possible. The building contractors have given us a tentative 8-10 week timeline for completion. As with any construction project, there are always unforeseen delays such as weather and construction complications.

Question: Are we demolishing the entire pool as part of the project?

Answer: No, we keeping the current pool configuration. The pool decking is being removed to install new plumbing to accommodate the needed increase in required water flow. The hedge bushes were removed to accommodate the new surrounding pool deck areas that will include Pergolas and shaded palm tree areas. As part of the project, there will also be a new kiddie water fountain play area.

Question: What will the new downstairs pub look like when completed?

Answer: The final interior design plans for the new pub are almost complete. Our goal is to feature an inviting pub with a fun, casual atmosphere that will include multiple large screen TV’s to enjoy your favorite game.

Question: Should we make tennis court reservations before coming to play?

Answer: Yes, we encourage everyone to call the golf pro shop and sign-up for a court time in the tennis reservation book. We are keeping the tennis reservation book in the golf pro shop so a staff member is always available to answer the phone. Pro shop hours are 7:00AM- 6:00PM daily. 904-269-9276

Question: Why is the concrete from the pool demolition being placed on the land across from the club entrance?

Answer: The HOA asked to have the debris placed in that location so that they can eventually repurpose it for future land fill use. This is an arrangement between the pool contractor and the HOA.

Question: Why are areas of the golf course turning a yellow or brown in color?

Answer: The golf course maintenance staff is target spraying in certain areas to combat the unwelcome weeds that are popping up throughout the course. The yellow color is a result of a selective herbicide that kills the weeds, but does not kill the Bermuda grass. The result is a temporary 2 week discoloration which is normal.

Question: Are pedestrians allowed to walk around on the golf course? Can anyone drive a golf cart around the golf course if they are not playing golf?

Answer: The golf course is club property and the only time anyone is allowed on the golf course is when they have registered in the pro shop to play golf. As stated in the Member Handbook, All non-golf activities on the golf course and cart paths are prohibited, including, but not limited to, jogging, bicycling, skating, walking dogs, and non-golf related travel in golf carts. No fishing is permitted from the active golf course or adjacent areas.