Have you recently picked up the game of golf and are looking to enhance your skills on the course? An avid golfer knows, the secret to becoming a great player starts with understanding the game.

To help you learn more about the sport of golf, the pros at Green Cove Springs golf course, Magnolia Point Golf & Country Club have put together a list of golf terminology you need to know.

1. Hook – When a right-handed player hits a shot that turns severely to the left.

2. Mulligan – When a player is allowed to redo a bad shot at no penalty. In most friendly games of golf, fellow golfers allow their playing partners one or two of these per round, but it is illegal in professional matches.

3. Ace – When a hole-in-one is made.

4. Birdie – Scoring one under par on a specific hole.

5. Bogey – Scoring one over par on a specific hole.

6. Ball mark – An indentation that is made on the golf course from a golf ball hitting it with force. Players are responsible for correcting any ball marks they cause, as well as any they may see during their golf game.

7. Ball marker – An item that is used to mark a golf ball’s position in order to allow other players to hit their golf balls without collision. A coin or token is most commonly used.

8. Bunker – This is another term used to describe a sand trap on the golf course.

9. Par – The number of recommended strokes in order to complete a hole.

10. Tee – A wooden or plastic peg that is able to hold a golf ball up and away from the green in order to allow a golfer to properly hit it.

To learn more about the game of golf and its most commonly used terms, contact the pros at our Green Cove Springs Golf Course.